Planetary front drive axles, capacities from 10 to 14 tons.
Planetary heavy duty rear drive axles, capacities from 11 to 16 tons.
Planetary heavy duty tandems, capacities from 22 to 32 tons per tandem.
Planetary heavy duty tridems, capacities from 33 to 48 tons per tridem.
Axle TypeCarry CapacityOutput TorqueOverall LengthTrackBrakesProduct Specifications
Front Non-Drive Axles
FSND-08-S8000 kg 2442 mm2350 mmSisu S-camDownload
   2492 mm2400 mmSisu S-camDownload
FSND-12-G12000 kg 2490 mm2360 mmWedge DuplexDownload
Front Drive Axles
FSDP-10-S10000 kg50000 Nm2254 mm2360 mmSisu S-camDownload
FSDP-14-G14000 kg80000 Nm2490 mm2360 mmWedge DuplexDownload
Single Rear Drive Axles
FRDP-11-S11000 kg50000 Nm2254 mm1800 mmSisu S-cam 
FRDP-1313000 kg120000 Nm2310 mm1800 mmSisu S-camDownload
FRDP-16-S16000 kg120000 Nm2310 mm1800 mmSisu S-camDownload
Tandem Drive Thru Axles
FRMP-11-S11000 kg100000 Nm2254 mm1800 mmSisu S-cam 
FRMP-1313000 kg150000 Nm2310 mm1800 mmSisu S-cam 
Tridem Drive Thru Axles
FRFP-11-S11000 kg120000 Nm2254 mm1800 mm  
FRFP-1313000 kg200000 Nm2310 mm1800 mmSisu S-cam 
FRFP-16-S16000 kg200000 Nm2310 mm1800 mmSisu S-cam 
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