MVG-2700 Transfer Case

Heavy-duty 3-shaft transfer case for on-off highway trucks, agricultural machinery, mining equipment, industrial vehicles, and military applications.

Two-Speed: Overdrive 0.93:1, Low 1.41:1
Dry Weight: 1023#
Oil Capacity: 21
Input Torque Rating: 22,700 ft. lbs.*
For Use with Engines Up To: 600 HP
FEATURES: Helical Gears with constant mesh to minimize operating noise
  Integral Air Shift Controls for front axle engage, high-neutral-low range and P.T.O. engage. No linkages to adjust
  Integral Switches with weatherproof connectors for warning lights when front axle, low range and P.T.O. are engaged
  Companion Flanges at input and outputs allow for a variety of drive shaft series, and make for easy installation and removal of shafts
  15.75” Short “Drop” (Distance between Input Center and Output Centers)
  Compact design provides excellent ground clearance
  Each shaft is mounted on roller bearings for long service life
  On-Off Highway Trucks, Agricultural Machinery, Mining Equipment, and Industrial Vehicles
  Electronic Speedo Sensor
  Integral Gear Lube Pump with Internal Feed
OPTIONS: Power Take-Off / 1,475 ft. lb.
*Greater ratings may apply to certain applications — consult Marmon-Herrington Engineering.

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