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imageDriving power and flexibility
for your Class 6, 7 and 8 trucks.

At Marmon-Herrington, we want to be your first-choice supplier for all-wheel drive axles and transfer cases. That’s why we use premium components and have made innovation a way of life for over 70 years.

Standard solutions with flexible components mean we can meet your unique requirements, without extra lead time.

Your power needs change from truck to truck. Our axle systems change, too, and can match:

  • Chassis weight classes
  • Power train options
  • Fleet specifications

imageWhen you specify Marmon-Herrington products, you’re specifying quality, value, and dependability.

Marmon-Herrington axles have long set the industry standard for quality features that make trucks dependable and maximize productivity. We pioneered such industry firsts as the standard double-cardan steering joints and low profile differentials. Today, we offer a broad range of offset differential configurations, tie rods, hydraulic and air brakes, and both North American and ISO wheel mounts. Our transfer cases also have earned a reputation as the best in the industry, offering virtually trouble-free operation in a wide range of torque capacities.

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